The Records Management Policy Manual

A records management policy manual is an essential part of the successful running of your organization.

It shows all stakeholders that you are serious about the correct processing & management of your records.  ZeroPaper will assist you with the compilation of a detailed records management policy.

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Retention Schedules

A retention schedule highlights the length of time a record may be retained as an active record & when the record must be destroyed. The establishment & correct management of a retention policy in your organization will ensure your compliance with legislation; safeguard your organization from liability & improve document management processes & best of all, SAVE SPACE!

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How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reducing carbon footprint refers to reducing the amount of Carbon Dioxide that you emit during daily activities. As we spend most of our time in an office environment, it is essential to pinpoint how to reduce your carbon footprint whilst at work. Here are a few tips:

  • Upgrade your office – Change light bulbs to that of LED bulbs & upgrade & service office equipment regularly to make it more energy efficient
  • Recycle Everything – Recycle everything from paper based records to old computer equipment
  • Keep recycling bins close by – Place these bins next to high traffic areas like printers & keep waste types split
  • Switch off when you leave – Switch off all lights & computers when you leave each day
  • Save Paper – Strive towards a paperless environment by reducing your day to day printing