Why Scan?

With the ever-increasing need to move away from physical document storage & into the digital age, the time is now to go paperless!

The common misconception is that going paperless is an expensive exercise, which is not the case. In fact, it is far CHEAPER to scan your documents than placing them in a storage facility. PLUS you get the added benefit of your documents staying crisp forever, your documents are easily accessible & the cloud can never “burn down”! You are REDUCING YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT & SAVING COSTS by minimizing the use of office equipment.

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Why ZeroPaper?

ZeroPaper offers a cost effective data capture solution tailor made to meet your requirements. Our scanning bureau uses the latest in scanning hardware & software technology to produce high quality images from 150DPI to 600DPI. All data on your page is fully OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) & will be sorted, scanned & indexed in accordance with your desired folder structure. All your scanned information is then placed either on your servers, internal or external storage devices or within our cloud platform for easy retrieval.

Are My Electronic Documents Legally Acceptable?

There is much confusion surrounding this topic. A commonly asked question is “…Will my electronic documents be admissible in court?” or “…Will my accountant / SARS accept a digital copy of my documents?” Currently, there is no legal precedent, however the ECT Act enables & promotes the use of electronic communication in South Africa & considers a physical & electronic document equal, provided best practice is followed.  By ensuring your company is following “best practice” guidelines, through SANS 15801, you can rest assured that your records are compliant with the ECT Act & will more than likely be accepted by courts, agencies & organizations.

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