Why Store Offsite?

Every office has one. “The Filing Room”. This room is rarely locked, easily accessible to all staff in the organization & is almost never inspected for loss or theft of critical files. It is usually too late once an organization realizes the extent of their losses in documentation. Also, filing cabinets & dedicated filing areas take up a large amount of space & with the high costs of office rentals; it is space that should be used to boost productivity & profits (e.g. Sales Area).

Also, there is a common thread that runs through the way organizations store documents:

Near term record filing, say up to 6 months, is usually in a fair to good state

These records are still frequently accessed and therefore in an orderly condition

However, the picture changes radically after 6 months:

These records are less frequently accessed and the further you go back, the more chaotic record keeping becomes

Why ZeroPaper?

ZeroPaper relieves you of your document burden by collecting your files & storing them within our secure warehouse facility. Your information is collected, indexed, barcoded & packed into our specialized boxes (made to withstand 25kgs) & securely stored. Upon request, your documents are made available to you (within 24-48 hours). Retention periods are monitored & all clients are notified when documents are up for destruction. Our facility is within an access – controlled, dust-free environment with smoke detection & 24 hour security. Our rates are also extremely competitive.

Your documents are SAFE with ZeroPaper!

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The Offsite Storage Process