Why Shred?

Not only is the shredding of your documents outside of their retention period a legal requirement, it is also critical to prevent the potential theft of confidential & personal information. Identity theft is rife in South Africa & not protecting personal information can negatively impact your business.

To read more on the POPI Act & the penalties your organization can face, click here.

Why ZeroPaper?

Shredding machines are expensive to purchase & maintain. Plus the onus falls on you to dispose of the waste responsibly. ZeroPaper relieves you of this burden by either collecting your documents for immediate destruction, shredding your documents at your premises or by placing a security console & shredding on a scheduled basis. During our shredding process, the chain of custody is maintained to ensure the secure handling of your information. Once documents are shredded (cross cut), you are provided with a free document destruction certificate